Sunday, January 3, 2016

Simple Sunday

So no need to go out and water the garden this weekend, it has continued to pour with rain here, a good mid summer pour down.  We are sure the farmers in the region will be pleased, as the pastures have all been rather dry and words like drought have been floated about for some weeks.

The mumster awoke early at 8ish, but it was so grey and miserable outside she came back to bed and snuggled with me and read her book for a few hours, quite a pleasure.  She then got up and made some chicken and salad rolls for her lunch, a bit more book reading and mum got a few episodes of Downton Abbey watched.  Some beef and potato salad for her lunch, and a feast for me.  Quite civilized.  This evening was taken up with phone calls to family, then an episode of Downton before bed.  How swanky!!  Mum loves that lady Edith gets to have a romance, and that Mr and Mrs Carson get married.

Mum has been pleased to be able to relax this weekend and enjoy some simple pleasures - good books, tasty food and quality shows - and me!!!


  1. It's still raining over here to Poppy!x
    And, it's the wind that makes it worse.
    Though, the silly weather man says it will
    be drier on Wednesday..we'll see..!

    So, quiet day at home to~day, lots to do,
    settle down later for a bit of football...! :0).

  2. It sounds like it was a lovely weekend, Poppy. We hope your week and your mum's week are just as nice!

  3. Excellent weekend for you both. Down time often doesn't sound appealing but it is exactly what one needs.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing weekend!

    We wonder what die hard Downtown Abbey fans will do when the show ends?

  5. Sounds like the purrfect Sunday to us, and mom bean says so too! Glad you had time for extra cuddles today.
    Have a great week!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. The last season of Downton is nigh. Boo! Sorry about the rain but it keeps the drought away!

  7. What a lovely relaxing weekend mom was able to enjoy with you Poppy. I know you don't like the rain, but it souimnds like it's needed. It's still early in the summer. There's plenty of tiyme for sunpuddles. When my mom opened the curtains in the bedroom this morning, we were shocked to see everything covered in several inches of SNOW! Bring on the West Coast we get snow a couple of times each winter, but none of the weather humans predicted it. They hardly ever seen right anyway. They should throw their dooplers & satellites away 'cuz they don't work right. Mom took down all the Chrisymouse ornaments and pack stuff away 'til next year. Then she went into a mad cleaning spree gettin' the house sparkling clean. I stayed outta her way, esp. when she dragged out the rug sucking machine. I decided to lay down on the bed & took a long nap. Enjoy your night & maybe have another cuddle with yur mon.

  8. Mum worked on her crow-shay, a bit of reading and watching Downton too.

  9. Poppy, dear, much as we enjoy the festivities of the holidays, we no-longer-kittens ladies who continue to work full time do need an occasional Sunday on the sofa to recharge our batteries. Truly, it's one task best tackled on a rainy day!

  10. That sounds like a wonderful Sunday for you and Mum, Poppy! :)