Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quiet Old Caturday

It is Caturday today, but mum says all the days feel a bit muddled at the moment over the festive season.  There has been a lot of rain up north, and a bit of it has drifted down to us.  We awoke to pounding rain, so mum sneaked back to bed to read away the morning.  A bit of colouring in was done while she rewatched Gone With the Wind, a movie she hasn't seen in about 10 years.

The clouds parted for a little while in the afternoon, so mum dashed to the supermarket to get some supplies and the easiest of dinners, a pre cooked chicken and some potato salad for her and some new dinners for me.  Ohhhh gravy!!

So mum was looking at these photos last night when she made yesterdays 2015 collage.  I haven't been in the bed for about 3 weeks now.  My camping spot is back on mums bed.  Funny huh!!!  Still mum was thinking of her old cat puss who spent 6 months over winter sleeping on the front porch, and refused to be moved even on the coldest nights.

Tonight she is watching another classic - When Harry Met Sally - she couldn't believe when she googled it that it came out in 1989 making it 26 years old.  Boy, time flies.  When that has finished time to read and off to bed.

Hope you are chilling on your Caturday like us.


  1. Well...It's absolutely tipping it down over here Poppy!x
    I jumped in the car first thing..drove into town, got a
    paper, only ever buy one on a Sat, as l like to have the
    TV Magazine..Back home, locked the door, cooked and ate
    breakfast, now l'll sit down with a lemon tea, and do the
    competitions/crosswords. And..hopefully that's me for the
    day...Though l expect someone will phone and say...'Hello
    Willie, are you at home'. :). Still...Kettle's always on!

    ooooO! And...Gone with the Wind...Brilliant. Always watch
    that when eating a curry..oooops! HeHe! :>). Bless!x

  2. My human will probably have me busy doing stuff, like most Caturdays here!

  3. I think quiet olde days can be the best! My kitties send their greetings to you from West Texas.

  4. Send some rain our way. We so need it. It's been so hot. enjoy your relaxing day xxx

  5. I am chilling! Mum had to work a bit, now home and watching a moovie too.

  6. It has rained all day here so I only moved off the bed for my supper.

  7. Our mom bean loved the movie "Gone with the Wind", what fun for your mum to see it again.

    Enjoy your feast Poppy! Hope the sun reappears soon.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. We have never seen Gone with the Wind!! Watched The Hobbit, and Thunderbirds (love it!) and done some gardening between showers!

    Harvey, Miranda, Silver, Phoebe and Dusty