Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All Day

Mum went to work today and stayed all day - so that was progress.  She did get told to go home approximately 6 times, but that is because her sore throat makes her sound like she is more poorly than she feels.  She did come home though and had some soup and toast.  Us girls then had a sleep which was good, as mum is on call tonight  and she feels better now that she has had some rest.  As she gets older she can appreciate that she would like my pussy cat life, that she could snooze all the time and stay home - she thinks retirement might suit her.  A pity that it is a few years away.


  1. ooooO! Don't let Mum do any singing Poppy!x
    She'll probably sound like Louis Armstrong! :).
    Glad she's feeling a bit better anyway!

    Well..l'm 69 tomorrow, l could have retired 9yrs
    ago, as l had all my pensions pay out at that age.
    But 'no' l decided to work on..part~time..semiretired.
    So, l'm still available if needed...And, l always keep
    busy! :).

  2. We're glad your mum's starting to feel a bit better, Poppy. Continued purrs to her!

  3. A sore throat is still part of the illness, Poppy, so make sure your mum doesn't have a flare-up because she's not taking care of herself. Have her stay in as much as possible and rest.

  4. I am glad your mum is feeling a bit better, Poppy and hope she continues to improve.

  5. poppy Q.....de food servizz gurl wood like ta see re tire mint two....N like yur mum...itz a wayz a way......seemz like two manee...tell yur mum we send best trout fishez for a full ree cover ree♥♥♥

  6. Yes, sore throat is still part of illness. Remind your Mum to drink lots and lots of water. It really helps to speed things along.