Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Chilled Out

 Mum made herself a chicken and rice dinner with a cucumber salad for her dinner.  She needs a few more fruits and vegetables as she gets her strength back.
 She has leftovers from her Christmas dinner and had a big bowl of Pavlova and strawberries. 
 Last night she watched the queen do her speech. 
And let me open one bag of treats.  I chose the diary flavour.   Yum yum.

Actually it has been a cold and wet day here.  Just 12 degrees and although the rain is welcome for the gardens it is a little too cold.  Mum had to pull out her sheepskin slippers to wear as her feet were cold and has put the heater on in the bedroom as it is so chilly.  Still a nice excuse to just relax and watch movies and gave soup for lunch.


  1. HaHa! When l looked first Poppy!x
    I thought! Does'nt your Mum look like the Queen! :).
    Bless! And two Queens on the same post, that's lovely!
    You look lovely Poppy!x Perhaps we should get you a
    crown as well...! :).

    Pavlova...Yum! Yum! Strawberries..Yum! Yum! :).
    Did you have a little bit of cream! :).

  2. Your human's food made my human hungry, Poppy! She has never had Pavlova - I think I would like some of that whipped cream!

  3. That is more than delicious, it is fabulous. I guess you must be feeling lots better to be able to eat that. We had to put off our roast dinner both yesterday and today as I wasn’t well and didn’t feel up to eating and my husband didn’t want to cook all that just for him. We have a pav. waiting too but will decorate with banana.
    That is such a good photo of the queen. I think she is just amazing for her age and she did the speech so well.
    I wonder if you watched the Sam Neil film last night with the little?maori boy. I thought it was wonderful.
    Good luck for work tomorrow I do hope you will feel up to it. Love to you both. Xx

  4. and all on an Emma Bridgewater plate - perfect!
    I watch the queens message every year too.
    Hope your body is letting you get up and about a bit more today.

  5. You should be glad you are not here Poppy. Super cold, me and mum stayed inside all day.

  6. What a great meal. It looks delicious! I listened to the Queen's Message on the radio. I thought it a very good one, talking about family and home. I smiled at her reference to the Duke of Edinburgh's 'unique sense of humour' - certainly true - and how he has decided to slow down - at 96!