Thursday, December 21, 2017


Mum says thanks for the well wishes.  She think the antibiotics are beginning to help and she thinks that her temperature is dropping.  She had to ring her boss today to let her know that she was going to be off and she doesn't have to be back now until weds night.  So a few more days to rest up.

She didn't realize that many if you hadn't heard if a lurgy.  Mum had been using that term her whole life.


  1. HaHa! Yes! The good old lurgy...! :).

    Please to hear Mum's getting better Poppy!x
    My daughter should be o,k, for Christmas..
    Though l won't see them until next weekend,
    and the New Year!

    Just beginning to get light over
    to the bathroom, then a bit of breakfast,
    then off down the town! HeHe! No rest for the
    wicked...! :0).

  2. Yep, my human had to look up lurgy! I'm just glad your human is turning a corner and getting better.

  3. I've heard of 'lurgy' but never used it myself. In any case, I'm glad things are looking up for your mum.

  4. Glad your mum is feeling a wee bit better. Me and mum thinks the lurgy is a Brit/Aussie/NZ thing. Here in Ameriky, everything is "The Flu" or "A Bug".

    So lots of rest for your mum so she feels better.

    1. Lurgy.....
      A nonce word popularized by Spike Milligan and Eric Sykes, scriptwriters for a 9 November 1954 programme of The Goon Show, "Lurgi Strikes Britain", in which Ned Seagoon must deal with a national outbreak of a highly dangerous, highly infectious and — as it turns out — fictitious disease known as the Dreaded Lurgi...

  5. Even if your mum is feeling a bit better remind her that the doctor said she was to remain in bed ‘till Christmas. It’s rest she needs in addition to the antibiotics. Do remind her to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated.