Thursday, December 28, 2017


Mum went back to work last night.  It was a bit tough after a week of being sick and mainly in bed.  She us sore and tired today and has to go back tonight and then will have a few more days off.

So I helped mum and snuggled up next to her today to help her sleep.   She got a couple of hours snoozing and a couple of just resting.  Then it was time for her to get up and make some dinner and have a shower.   A couple of hours for us to share together before she heads back to work.

We are thinking of all our friends living in snowy areas at the moment.   Stay warm and dry my friends.


  1. I hope your human is back to her usual self in a day or two. Mine is not feeling great - she is going to urgent care tomorrow just to make sure it's not strep throat.

  2. Pleased to hear Mum is feeling better Poppy!x
    I expect with you looking after her, help a

    Cold and frosty morning over here..popping into
    town for coffee, then to the supermarket, to
    stock family are here our
    Christmas dinner will be on Sunday!

    Stay warm now! :).

  3. We hope the upcoming days off will help your mum get back to her normal self. You've been a great nurse, Poppy!

    We think we'll stay snuggled up in bed today; right now it's minus 34C with the windchill, minus 25C base temp! :-O

  4. Whether snowy or summery, it's never nice to have to work while sick. I hope your mum recovers soon and is able to enjoy the summer that just started there.

  5. Poor mum probably feels like she’s been run over by a bus. A soak in a hot bath is what could be good but not many people have them now. I know I wish I had one. Showers don’t do much for pain. Mum spends her life caring for others if only her work could be more considerate. Rest and enjoy your days off together Poppy and mum. Xxx 🍒

  6. Hope your mum gets all rested. Making her rest is important.

  7. When your mum is at home, be sure she continues to rest. Getting completely well takes time.