Saturday, December 2, 2017

Home Caturday

Today I kept Munster home all day with me.  I made her sleep in and have a lazy day at home.  She did get the washing out on the line, she vacuumed the carpets, did some cooking, changed the beds, watered the garden, put a face mask on and relaxed.

Me - well I slept inside, I slept outside, I sat on the windowsill, I sat on the carpet, I ate biscuits, I drank water, I ate fancy feast, I ate some bugs and I ate treats.  Yum yum.

Hope you all have a fun Caturday too.


  1. HaHa! There you are Poppy!x
    Going! Going! Gone! And, it seems you've had
    a busier day than Mum..! :).

    Just gone eleven over here, got back from town,
    cuppa lemon l've got some more pheasants
    to see to..and a couple partridge..tomorrows dinner!
    As you say Yum! Yum! :).

  2. Clever Poppy. You managed mums day really well for her. Sounds like she had a well needed rest, S till she didn't let the housework go. You live in Spick and span lovely home. Perhaps you could help. Try walking all over the sills and furniture waving that beautiful tail of yours. Much better than a feather duster Then lie down and have another rest. It was 30 degrees here today and even with a fan going we all nearly melted away.

  3. Oh, yummy bugs! Extra protein! :-P

    It's good you made your mum stay home and get a few things done, plus just go at a slower pace. Sometimes it's hard work making our humans take it easy!

  4. Good job you made your mum stay home. Sounds like she still got a lot done, but had time to relax too. Sounds like you were very busy with all of your in and outs.

  5. It sounds like it was a really nice Caturday for the both of you!

  6. sounds a lovely day - but gee mum, side shots of old girls is not that flattering SMILE.

  7. A wonderful way to spend Caturday. You have a wonderful big window there, Poppy.

  8. Well done Poppy! Good day for you both.

  9. I'm glad your mum got to stay home, Poppy, but it sounds like she was still pretty busy.