Friday, December 29, 2017


Yippee it's Friday and mums work is finished.  It wasn't too busy at work but mum was tired.  Some sleeping was needed when she got home.  I curled up beside her.  Normally if she is at home trying to sleep in the day I jump all over her or keep chatting to her but mum says I was such a good girl.

So us girls are chilling out tonight and mum is thinking about trying to sleep.


  1. So glad your both enjoying your day! :).
    But, mucky over here, snow up in the north,
    just wet and windy down here in the south!

    Family will be down later, so, looking forward
    to a nice busy weekend! Though more rain is
    forecast...never mind, that's what umbrellas
    were invented for! :).
    HeHe! Bring it on...! :0).

  2. What a good girl you are Poppy. Hope you both have a great weekend and you start the New Year off in good health.

  3. Sleep is probably the best thing for your mum after her week.

  4. Poppy, you didn't look like you were quite ready for bed here.

  5. What a lucky person your mum is having a big fluffy kitty to curl up with.

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  7. I was enjoying the blog and wondering what Poppy is sitting on in todays pic .. Its lovely love the colours and wording

    Lots of memories of your lovely city