Friday, December 8, 2017


Mum got home late from work tonight.   She had a good day and there were drinks and bubbles at a colleagues house afterwards which was lovely.  So my dinner and treats were pretty close together tonight which I didn't mind too much.

It is a bit cooler tonight which will be better for middle aged mumsters sleep.  She has been sleeping with a window open.  No one can sneak in so mum feels safe.  She is going to look for a fan next week as it is going to be a long hot summer.

I have been sleeping on the couch to keep cool and mum tends to toss and turn in the heat disturbing my sleeps.  We do love summer - mum has been wearing sandals every day and has even unpacked her shorts.


  1. It's just gone 9:30 over here, and the suns
    out, for the second day running..though it's
    bitterly cold! Still it's dry, just put a few
    things out on the line, hopefully it will dry!
    In the meantime, l'm having a lemon tea, and
    writing to my lovely pussy~cat friend..Poppy!x

  2. Poppy that is a cute photo of you. Sounds like you both had a good. Day .We lay down most of the day. 33 degrees is a killer. We have such a lovely garden but my man bean spends the evening moving hoses. It gets tiring. He said he might start earlier. We have fans in all the rooms otherwise I think we would melt like candles. Dread the power bill though. Hope mum has a better night😀

  3. Ooh, drinks with bubbles sounds great. :-)

    Enjoy your summer weather. We're just getting winter now, it's cold and snowy, so while your mum is taking off layers, we're donning them!

  4. My human is a little envious of your summer weather, although we are having a mild winter so far!

  5. Mum uses fans too, even with central air, just to keep the air moving. Also then the AC doesn't have to be so low.

    I mainly sleep with mum in the winter, soak up her warms. In the summer I leave her alone.