Friday, December 15, 2017


Us girls are having a quiet one tonight as we are very tired.  Thanks for all the comments on out last post and the pictures if houses in our neighborhood.   We don't live in any if those houses.  Ours is not very cute from the outside but is nice enough for us.  This is a catch up weekend for us.  Chores and sleep one are what mum has planned.


  1. Well, l think your in the bestest place Poppy!x
    I'm being picked up at eleven..going down to
    a bigger town called Poole..nearer the coast,
    with a big quay side...and most importantly
    of all...A BIG shopping that will
    suit me fine for a few hours, it's cold, but
    dry, and the suns out, and very bright!
    First stop will be the coffee house...Costa!

  2. Nice to see you keeping your post Poppy. I think a good word to suit you is reliable. Wherever you live mum makes it home.
    Another 30 degree day. Still at home but gosh some of these well meaning Drs. And nurses are pushy. I Hate hospital but 2 ambulance calls in 4 days is getting a bit much. They are so kind when they come. Cross your paws for me and hope the meds work. Xxx

  3. As long as you and your mum are comfy in your house, that is what counts. Have a restful weekend.

  4. My human and I are having a quiet night in too.