Sunday, June 23, 2019

Weekend Camper

While mum has worked the weekend I am camped out in my corner.  I have a heated bed and a heater on - it is winter here.  And a big bowl of biscuits. The water bowl is in the living room.  Life is good for this old girl. 

Mum meantime donned her woollie hst for the first time this year as it was raining on the way to work.  This is her last evening shift this week.  She will be glad to sleep in on her two days off as she is a bit tired.


  1. Toasty, very toasty, Poppy, dear. We're sure your mum is looking forward to being toasty in her home this weekend, too.

  2. You are quite hard to find Poppy but oh are you well set up. Better than a lot of humans that’s for sure. Mum is certainly a perfect mum. Hope she has a good rest on her two days off. 😴

  3. Who's a spoilt young lady then Poppy!x
    My Goodness! All that heat..HeHe! Be careful
    you don't bake..Bless! :).

    And Mums got two days off..she'll be able to get
    some extra sleep in..all she has to do, is copy
    you...zzzzzzzZ! :). Have fun..both of you..!

  4. That is a good and cosy place to camp, Poppy.

  5. That looks like a good winter set up, Poppy.

  6. It just turned summwer here but it hasn't been overly warm so far, which is fine with me. It sounds like you are all set for cold weather, Poppy.