Friday, January 3, 2020


Today we were heartbroken to read that aprox 480 million animals may have so far been killed in the bushfires in Australia  including about 8,000 Koalas.  Our days in New Zealand have been hazy with a taste of ash in the air, as the smoke has drifted the 2,200 km across the Tasman sea. It is 10.13pm and I can smell it on the breeze through the open windows tonight.  It is however nothing like it must be for those living near the fires, and we can only imagine how terrifying it has been for our close neighbors.  It is scary enough to look at the news, at homes and businesses burnt to the ground and lives lost.

So even though we would like to grumble about another drizzly night, we know that we can go to bed and hopefully feel safe in our bed tonight.


  1. It is a terrible tragedy happening in Australia. I cannot begin to imagine the scale of the devastation and the fear that goes with it. My thoughts are with all of those in danger and affected by these terrible events.

  2. I can barely watch the News footage over here..
    It's a terrible thing to happen, those poor
    people on the beaches, watching their homes go
    up in smoke..terrible! :(.

    And all those poor animals, including the lovely

    I've said a few prayers, and made the sign of the
    cross..a few times..hope it helps! God Bless!x

  3. I’m like Willie, can’t watch it on the news as they always show a burned Koala and hearing them cry breaks my heart. I say silent prayers for everyone and everything involved.

  4. If only your drizzly rain could reach the fires and help out.
    So sad to hear about. So yes, stay safe, Poppy.

  5. Yes, we should all be thankful for our safety, and pray for those, animal and human, who are in danger.

  6. My human has been following the news on these fires for weeks now, and it just keeps getting more horrific and heartbreaking.

  7. It is just awful what is happening over there . . . so many fires burning their beautiful country. My Mr reads it out loud to me from the computer news & I just cringe & feel so, so sorry for those poor people & animals. We pray for rain for them xx

  8. So sad to read about the fires and all that is happening in Australia. We send purrs and love.

  9. Yes it’s been scary living in Australia although we are not in the fire zone we have family that is
    There many fires now huge ones and the smoke is horrendous
    All we can do is pray for the weather to change and help our poor firefighters
    And pray that no more lives are lost.