Sunday, January 26, 2020


It was nice if you to all mention the plush blanket on my little chair.  It is in fact a towel because I love towels the best.  Also because it matches my furs it looks a bit tidier when I am in a cleaning frenzy and the fur is flying.  It also contrasts nicely with the only part of me that is pink - my tongue.


  1. We don't see you sometimes Poppy!x
    Your camouflaged against the grey
    background...So it's a good idea
    to be licking your paws, then we
    can see you...AND..l love pink!x

  2. That is a wonderfully silly washing photo, and that pink tongue is adorable.

  3. Absolutely the best towel you have. Glad it is a good fur catcher. Precious loves towels too.

  4. Does the fur really fly when you clean? And I thought my Tucker left fur all over. I need to clean after he does...

  5. That is a super nice towel, Poppy! and we love seeing your pink tongue! :)