Monday, January 20, 2020


Night shift was officially over at 06.30am this morning.  Mum was tempted to stop and get a sausage and egg mcmuffin but was a bit tired, so got home and ate some crackers and crawled into bed by 7am.  She got some sleep, but was up every 20 minutes with bad leg cramps, another sure sign that she is turning into her own mother.  Mum dragged herself out onto the couch and had toast for tea.  Life should return to normal routines tomorrow.  I am glad she is back home with me now. 


  1. Ah! Bless! Poor Mum with leg cramps..
    Tell Mum, not to worry..l turned into
    my Mum years ago..HeHe! I must stop
    wearing these dresses..! Joke! Joke! :).

    I watch a lovely program last night Poppy!x
    On BBC4..All Aboard! New Zealand by Rail, Sea
    And was on for two and half hours..
    It was basically a camera fitted on the train,
    back/front/side..and just kept
    talking in it..just the sound of the train...
    and film of beautiful scenery of New Zealand...!
    So the train started up in Auckland..and traveled
    right down to Milford Sound in South Isle...! :).

    I found the link for it...It does run for two hours
    and half though...

    1. Thanks for the link, Willie. I missed seeing that was on last night so will watch it on catch up.

  2. Hope her legs stop cramping - that's no fun!

  3. I hope your mum can soon get back into a routine of better sleep and her leg cramps ease.

  4. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum that floofy towels, fresh from a hot dryer, wrapped around her legs, will soothe those cramps. And if they don't, you can always nap on them...

  5. We hope your mum settles into a normal routine again, no leg cramps. Take care and have a good week, both of you.

  6. It can be good and bad to turn into our mothers. Hopefully with a better day schedule
    and sleep the leg cramps will let up. Sometimes quinine water helps, in the form of
    club soda.

  7. How to Prevent Leg Cramps....
    Stretch during the day and before bed. Focus on your calf and foot muscles.
    Drink plenty of water...
    Move around during the day to exercise your feet and legs...
    Wear comfortable, supportive shoes...
    Sleep under loose covers, especially if you sleep on your back...

    You probably know that bananas are a good source of potassium.
    But they'll also give you magnesium and calcium. That's three
    out of four nutrients you need to ease muscle cramps tucked
    under that yellow peel. No wonder bananas are a popular, quick
    choice for cramp relief...!
    The above is for Mum Poppy!x Not you..! Bless! :o).

    1. Thanks Willie. I am sure that mums cramps were a result of her night shift, as she felt terrible all day and night. I will make sure to send her to the shop tomorrow for some bananas.

  8. I've had a few leg cramps lately. I hope your mum has seen the last of hers.