Tuesday, January 7, 2020


It has been too hard to sit and watch the news lately so I have been happy to help distract mum.  She has been reading and binge watching like a fiend.  Mum was pleased to find fresh raspberries piled up in the supermarket and ate a small bowl of them tonight.  She wonders how many crops have been destroyed in Australia, a land of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. 


  1. We've been told on the news over here..
    That 3 Billion animals have been killed..
    That's a terrible thing to happen, but,
    this morning they showed a Joey been saved,
    from the fire, he was smouldering a bit,
    wrapped him up in a towel, he drank loads
    of water..he's o.k. Bless!

  2. The news from Australia is horrendous, for the animals, people and earth. It reminds me of the fire that destroyed so much of Fort McMurray here in Canada a few years ago...only on a far, far larger scale. :-(

  3. So so sad when nature is destroyed and peoples lively hoods.
    Glad for the distraction of fresh berries and you Poppy. Your
    mum is lucky so far, keep her that way.

  4. There is so much destruction in Australia, it'll probably be decades before things are back to normal: homes, woods, crops, animals, people, all destroyed. It's very sad.

  5. Our hearts are just breaking for the people and animals in Australia.

  6. poppy it is veree hard ta reed bout ore see de nooze :(

    glad mum found a bit oh distraction; her capsured a troo lee awesum foto !! :) ♥♥♥

  7. The news from Australia is horrendous, so much death and destruction.

  8. It’s been horrid hearing the news. And we have had the smoke from those fires hovering for days
    It’s heartbreaking seeing the destruction
    But we have lived through it before and we are resilient
    We will pull together and we will rebuild
    It’s what we do