Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Night Smiles

Mum found this amazing artist Lindsey Thomas from the UK who has made this needle felted super duper likeness of me - cheeky!!! Actually she must have had her own model.    Mum asked if she could put the photos on the blog for you all to see.   Mum can't afford to buy this amazing sculpture, but she liked that Lindsey had some awesome cards that you can purchase on ETSY (see the link above with her name),  to make your friends smile!!

Thanks Lindsey for letting us show your pictures.


  1. Goodness! Some of them are bit dear..
    The pig on the tricycle..£395..
    I'd want a 'real' pig and tricycle for
    that amount..! :(.

    The picture at the bottom..says it ALL..! :o).

  2. Fun art work, Poppy. Your mum did good sharing with us.

  3. Poppy, we enjoyed visiting her site. She does such a beautiful job on the work that she does. That first photo is just like you said is a good likeness of you. Thanks for for sharing. We enjoyed this very much. Have a fun upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  4. crackin UP at the last one; too clever :) ♥♥♥I'm going to check out her shop for sure !!

    happee week oh end poppy Q ☺☺♥♥