Thursday, January 2, 2020


Just chilling today.  Mum had to get up early and get some pants on to go and take the rubbish bags out.  Then she came back to bed.  How lazy is that?

The day was overcast and cool so mum did get herself up at 10am for lunch.  Then she went for a walk, and went to see Little Women which she said it was a 5/5.

Me - I stayed home and chilled out.  Like every other day.


  1. Just got back from town..few bits and
    pieces needed..bread etc..
    Stopped for a coffee, and a tea on the
    way home..very quiet in town though...!
    Bit wet and mucky..! :(.

    Saw little Women..long..long time ago,
    it was the old black/white version...
    Goodness! After ALL these years, you'd
    thought they'd grown up by now!
    Into BIG women..! HeHe! :o).

  2. You look chilled, Poppy. Nice you let mum go out to the picture show.

  3. That sounds like the start of a good day to me, Poppy - except maybe having to get up at all.

  4. Happy New Year to you & Mum Pops. I am glad Mum had a lazy day - this is a good time of year for lazy days. I am also glad she enjoyed Little Women as I have been thinking about going to see it myself. xx