Monday, January 27, 2020


I am waiting for my dinner yet again.  Last night when I curled up in the bed mum leaned over and touched me, and I shrieked and jumped off the bed and ran off.  This morning I jumped up on the bed and wanted a long snuggle, even letting mum pat me for more than 5 minutes.   She still got up and went to work though.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x You don't look very happy
    in the photo..Bless!x
    Never mind..even if you have to wait
    a little longer for won't
    starve..! :).

  2. Oh Poppy, you must have been asleep and your mum startled you. Maybe you had been dreaming of monsters!

  3. Sorry, but the human is laughing at the "shrieked" part, Poppy. :-D

    Anyway, we hope you didn't have to wait long for dinner!

  4. How was most scared by your shriek? You or Mum? It sounds
    like the end of a nightmare for you both. Keep letting your
    mum cuddle when she gets home from work.

  5. poppy..mum kneads ta get thoz things called pry ore a teez in order...goin ta coulda waited :) ♥♥

  6. running off from getting loves from your mum? Not me!

  7. What was with that, Poppy? Were you startled? Good Heavens...