Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Mum got some sleep last night and no cramps which was good.  She did have a headache again and when she was getting ready to head out she tripped over and fell heavily against the doorway.  When she got herself up she knew she was ok, just a bit bruised and needed to lie down for 20 minutes.  She is just a bit sore from her shoulder down to her side. 

So she changed her plans for the afternoon and stayed home and relaxed with me and read her book.  Being tired has taken a toll on mum this week but she has some time to relax this week.  I'll help her out too.


  1. Oh! Dear! Not again..poor Mum..! :(.
    I must admit, l've done that, and it's
    even worse if you catch your shoulder
    on the doorway..painful..!

    We're having a few days of sunshine to,
    though it's cold and frosty, nice and
    dry though, l put some washing out
    yesterday, and it was ready to iron by
    lunchtime..! :).
    Forecast is much the same for the rest
    of the week..! :o).

  2. It's so good of you to help her out, dear Poppy.

  3. I hope your mum isn't too badly bruised. It is good she had a better sleep with no leg cramps. I hope she has a good night tonight as well.

  4. Oh, gosh! Purrs from Derry to your mum, Poppy, we hope she heals quickly. No more accidents, please!

  5. Being so tired makes for accidents and aches and pains. Sure that you mum sees
    this kind of thing being a nurse. Sounds like you need to be her nurse!
    Keep up the cuddles and then she'll get better sooner.

  6. Good Heavens, what a couple of days. If your mum is so tired that she is causing herself injury maybe she should schedule a few days off, sick-leave, if she has it. She needs to catch up on her slumber.

  7. Poppy, please make sure your mom just has a day of relaxing with you in bed or the couch, so she can catch up on some much needed sleep. Hopefully, she will be ok after some bruising. Have a great day and feel better Mum.
    World of Animals

  8. poppy...mum kneads ta chillax with sum time off , knot just 32 minits heer anda half a day ther....tell her ta take a brake; like a vacationz.....sheez earned it......we hope herz doin aye oh kay ~~~~ ♥♥

  9. Your mum needs a break as in time off. Not falling and breaking her body.