Friday, January 10, 2020


Mum has found it hard to watch the bushfires in Australia this week.  It has broken her heart to think of all the people and animals of this wonderful country who have suffered so much.  It almost feels too overwhelming to watch the news, and the fires still are continuing in may states.  So mum might give herself a little break from news this weekend - so much of it is distressing and sad.  Has it always been this bad?  Mum wonders if she has just become more sensitive over the years.  There is so much to worry about, the state of the world, fires, wars and the royal family breaking apart. 

Mum went out tonight with her besties for a birthday dinner, but rather than spend money at the weekend she is going to try not to  spend too much money and   make a donation to help out the Australians.  She read this article about an Adelaide school turned into a Koala Hospital, where veterinarians and volunteers are helping to treat Koalas who have suffered in the fires, and once well release them back into the bush in unaffected areas.  They have a go fund me page where you can donate to help them assist these beautiful creatures.  If you are wondering how you could help, this would be a place to start.

Mum has also helped this week by donating to the Australian Red Cross and to the Australian Wildlife Rescue Fund.   She was not able to give much but every small donation helps add up.  For the price of a coffee and a piece of cake it might be enough to help provide some help to our Aussie neighbors.


  1. We all get sensitive as we get older Poppy!x
    It's heartbreaking what is happening over there
    in Australia..not only to the people, but to all
    the animals..! :(.
    I saw an article over here on the news, about
    Adelaide school..those poor Koalas, with burnt

    I've donated a little..but it's nice to see
    Kylie Minogue and Russell Crow give a million
    dollars as help..good for them..! :).

  2. I think the news always has been this sad, but I also think that climate change is taking a terrible toll, one that politicians and greedy corporations continue to ignore. The other factor that comes into play is the immediacy of hearing about all the tragedy in the world, via social media. No longer is it a matter of watching the news at suppertime and that's it. We're inundated with horrors every day, all day, 24/7, and it IS depressing. Sometimes we just need to do what we can, like donate, light a candle, whatever, and let it go, because we can't do everything. Sending YOU hugs and well as to All Beings affected by the wildfires. Peace.

  3. P.S. Thanks for the links, I donated to the Wildlife Rescue Fund. Not a $1M (!), but every bit helps and add ups. Purrs from Derry.

  4. I am so sorry to see the devastation. Your mum has the right idea, that
    every little bit of donation turns into enough to help.

  5. Oh it is all just too sad I agree with Mum. I have stopped watching the news too - it makes me cry. I cry for the poor displaced people & the animals. My friend has sent me a link to sew some pouches for Joeys & Wallaby's & also bat wraps so I am going to do that this weekend. I shall also make a donation to that Go fund Me page. Mum is right Poppy - every little bit helps.

    1. Thanks Julie. My sewing skills are zero now but I can forgo having lunch out this weekend and send some dollars.

  6. poppy; they bee sayin now de koala iz functionally extinct....thiz iz beyond heartbreaking ♥♥♥♥

    we gathered up sum green paperz N made a donationz to Port MacQuarie's ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    heerz hopin ewe N mum haza awesum week end ~~~ ☺☺

  7. Thank you for your donations yes every little bit helps
    Australia has received so much love from the rest of the world
    We are blessed.

  8. Mum takes breaks from the news too. It just gets to be too much. She buries her head in a good book and listens to music.

  9. My human - who has probably been around for as long as your human has, or maybe even a few years more - say it HAS gotten worse. There is always bad news, but lately it seems to be nonstop.