Monday, February 3, 2020

Weekend Away

Mum and I are back.  I had to go to the Cattery while mum and her beasties went away to see Michael Buble.  Boy It was HOT - it was 35 day C when they arrived.  Mum even went into the water up to her knees to cool off, she was surprised at how chilly the sea was.  The girls had an ice cream that melted super quick, but it makes you feel like summer to eat a waffle cone on the beach.

The concert was great.  They got there a few hours before as it was held out in an outdoor winery and although you could take good and drink you could not take any alcohol in.  The lines were short for food and drinks and not too long for the portaloo not too horrendous and when mum went, it was clean and smelt ok, but was on a bit if a scary lean.  Luckily there was a breeze and a doable 27 deg C.  Lots of cold wine and iceblocks helped keeping the girls chilled.

Michael Buble played with a 36 piece orchestra and he was amazing.  His singing was awesome - he sounds even better live than on CD and mum knew a lot if his tunes.  She loves artists who sound so wonderful live -  she has been lucky and got to see so many great artists Billy Joel, David Bowie, Sting, Rid Stewart, Bob Dylan , Van Morrison and Adele.

Her weekend was full of eating out  and shopping.  The day they left it made it to 37 deg C - the hottest day on record ever.  The best part though is getting home and picking me up from the Cattery.  Our city us a lot cooler, our cut has had weeks of overcast misty days.  It feels like summer has not arrived for us.  Still at least we have lots of green gardens here, while the rest if the country looks parched with drought.


  1. So pleased Mum had a lovely time Poppy!x
    I bet she was singing along to ALL his
    songs..Live music is still the best..!

    And..hope you made some friends at the
    Cattery Poppy!x or did you just snooze..
    Still..all nice to be at home again..Bless!x

  2. What a fabulous weekend your mum had, Poppy! I really like his music too, though haven't ever seen him in concert. Nice to know he sounds terrific and gives a great performance!

    Take care and have a great week.

  3. How great your mum had a good time with her besties! But I have no doubt
    she was glad to see your beautiful face when she came home. A good trip
    was certainly hard earned by your mum's long nurse hours. Glad to see you
    both are home safe.

  4. If your city was cool, where did your mum go for the concert? It sounds like quite a contrast between your town and the site of the concert. It's good to read that your mum enjoyed herself so much. What a fine break.

  5. poppy....we iz glad mum waz abe bull ta get a way frum werk N her hada
    grate time !!!her dee served it....we hope ewe hada good time at de cattery...
    well, ewe noe ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. It’s been much cooler here lately
    The groundhog said america is getting an early spring. I wonder does that mean we Will get an early autumn?
    I love listening to Micheal when I’m putting up my Christmas decorations. I have his Christmas album on iTunes.
    Glad you had fun