Friday, September 23, 2022


 Mum had a steady evening shift and was glad to get home to me.  She had a bit of a headache,  but once home a bit more water and a couple of treats and she feels better.  

She got up to a nice surprise this morning,  I had left a little pooh in the shower.  I did this overnight a month ago.  Mum isn't sure why I have begun to do this, but she is grateful that i have chosen the shower rather than anywhere else.  It was bathroom cleaning day anyway.  


  1. Well done Poppy. In the shower will make easy clean up. Precious threw up breakfast on
    the carpet this morn. Not easy clean up, mol.

  2. Good job, Poppy, the shower definitely is easier to clean up.

    Derry is peeing every 1 - 2 hours now, since his vet visit on Wednesday, so the human thinks late stage kidney disease or perhaps a UTI or bout of cystitis. Though he started to pee 4+ times a day the first week in September anyway.

    This getting older certainly is challenging. Our purrs to you both.

  3. Well, there are worse places to poop, Poppy. Now and then, often when he is stressed, my Renn will wet in the bathtub. Again, worse places...

  4. Yes definately the shower is the best place if you cant get outside Poppy. Fat Blackie left me a big fat juicy dead rat on the doormat this morning. It looked like he had tried to give it the kiss of life as it was licked all over ... but I guess he didnt try to eat it which was good. And rather a dead one than a live one. xx

  5. Smart if you can't go outside or lack a litter tray. Glad Mum felt better after her water and treats.