Monday, September 26, 2022

Spring Blue

 After days of drizzle and rain, and busy work we awoke to a slightly grey sky.  It was a public holiday here as a Queens memorial day.  Mum got 3x loads of washing on the line, hoovered and made lunch and then went out for a walk as the skies cleared.   

So many people were out enjoying the sunshine,  and mum did her usual harbour walk, listening to podcasts and enjoying the  views as she wandered about.  Treats at the supermarket on the way home too, some neenish tarts, strawberries and a new hazelnut chocolate to try after dinner. 

Windows were opened and the evening breeze enjoyed early evening when mum heard some kids voices , and I came flying in through the cat door and hid under the bed.  A little dog came running through our backyard and the kids were trying to get him.  He was only here for a minute , but gave me a big fright,  so mum spent the evening giving me cuddles and treats and I'm fine now.

She tried going out this evening to see Jupiter which is meant to be the closest to earth in 59 years, but their is a hazy cloud cover tonight which us a shame.


  1. Hi Poppy. We're glad your mum had such a lovely day! There aren't enough holidays in the year for those who still are in the workforce--so thinks the biped. Ha. We're sorry about the scary dog, though, and glad your mum was there to comfort you.

  2. Lovely blue, Poppy, my favorite color ever. Good thing you could get into the house quick, wolfies are fun but so much bigger than kitties usually. And your mum there to catch you in a cuddle.

  3. We enjoy reading your posts about Spring coming, as we are heading in to winter here , with all its attendant chills and still beautiful weather. Purrs.

  4. poppy da mum sez she can see jupiter in da southwest sky here in the early morning the last 3 mornings

  5. Those do look like spring skies, Poppy, but I was concerned to hear about your encounter with a dog - and on YOUR property! I hope it didn't induce you to leave any more oops in the shower stall...