Thursday, September 22, 2022


You have to soak up the rays when you can.  This week has been cooler and with rain most days.  I'm soending my time seeking some warmth.  Mum has a couple of evening shifts ahead , so she is making a list of chores to do during the day, so that her days off she is free to relax.


  1. Poppy, we mark the first day of Fall today. And has it come in gang busters. The temps dropped
    20 degrees from yesterday and tonight it will be 20 more degrees colder. And not going to warm
    up again. Summer ended at midnight yesterday and Mother Nature is sticking her tongue out at us.

  2. Poppy, when my Mom worked as a "domestic" during the Depression she always got up early on her days off so she had more of her own time.

  3. Your Mum is a smart lady. I hope you can stay warm. I like a nest of blankets these days.

  4. I make lists of chores to do, too, Poppy. It's encouraging as I see them being crossed off...