Thursday, September 8, 2022


 We got asked a couple of questions in the past couple of days.  In New Zealand it is early spring here.  On Monday we had hail and sleet, with light snow on the hills and 1 deg C.  By weds afternoon when mum took these pictures , it was a windy but warm 14 deg C, and a lovely walk was had in the sun.  Mums trying go enjoy the sunshine, and get her butt moving for an hour or so on nice days.

I got asked about my arthritis injections.  I have arthritis in my fight back leg and sometimes walk a bit slowly, but i am a senior 15 year old.  I have been having cartrophin injections every two months for about 4 years (a small injection in the scruff of my neck).  Mum is not quite convinced that they add much to my mobility, and is considering stopping them.  She would like to reduce my vet visits and simplify my life.

Leanne, our William Morris Strawberry Thief quilt was bought from Bed, bath 'n'table.  It is the coverlet and is thick and warm and I think still available.   Mum also got pillowcases,  and they have a duvet cover in it as well.


  1. Poppy, we wish you did not have to get shots. Hope they are worth the aggravation of going to the
    V-E-T. Thank your mum for some fun info today about the weather and more. We enjoy updates.

  2. have yoo tried canna-pet cbd for pets?

  3. Those gulls look mighty clean; it must be the sea spray. As for the answers given, thank you, Poppy. We have a sanctuary-cat in our rescue, who may be having problems with arthritis. I will mention cartrophin to his guardian, though add that your mum doesn't think it's doing much. We like having all the information we can get. Thanks again, and enjoy the wramer weather. (The water does make it look a little windy...)