Thursday, September 29, 2022


 Mum was annoyed when she couldn't find her phone this morning,  then when she could not find her rain jacket.  On her way home she got annoyed that it was spitting and she was walking and came home damp, although it started pouring down 20 minutes later. 

 She then burnt her rice and over salted the butter  chicken.  For her supper she had a small chocolate pudding and now thinks she is going to have gallbladder pain.

Better luck tomorrow mum.


  1. Aww, we're sorry your mum had one of those days where every little thing seems to go wrong. The biped always says her "energy" is off on those day! We hope the rest of the week and the weekend is much better. ♥

  2. And it gets worser and worser. Hope it stops soon, Poppy.

  3. Sometimes we all have days like that.
    Fingers crossed she doesn’t have pain.
    Hopefully it’s gets much better for her soon

  4. Did your Mom leave her phone in her rain jacket maybe ? We hope she has a better day tomorrow - it is too bad that the pudding, which seemed to be the best part, might turn out to be bad news too. Purrs.

  5. Oh dear poor Mum little Pops. If it makes her feel any better I had a day like that too. I accidentally knocked over my brand new tin of deck stain & spilt it (a $48 tin), then I dropped a dozen eggs on the driveway (bringing them in from car) & then I was lighting the fire & I dropped the lid to the stone crock that I keep my kindling in & it broke into 4 pieces!!! I thought I might go to bed after that so as I couldn't break any more things!! I hope today is better for Mum. xx

  6. What a day... I hope tomorrow is better for your mum, Poppy.