Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Years Model

 Every summer, mum buys a new pair of birkenstocks.  This years are purple, and I loves them.
 Mum says it is a simple plan, as summer isn't long or too hot where we live, and one pair of sandals goes with most things mum wears.  She listens to the advice she heard on Oprah - Goes with nothing, goes with everything.
 This is the weather cam over our city at 11:20am.  Thunderstorms rolling in for the afternoon.
Maybe mum should buy some rainboots as well?


  1. Are you sure your mum didn't buy those sandals for you Poppy? Our mum will be glad when she can wear sandals again.

  2. Hmmm, mum was always taught to change out shoes even sandals and not where them everyday. But she too buys things that go with everything.

  3. Maybe the reason why I do not care for my human's shoes is that she has been buying the wrong type! She does not have any of those, and you look awfully blissful with them, Poppy.

  4. Cute Berks! and purple, too! Mom loves to see the thunder storms roll in!

  5. Hey, if you like them, they go with everything!

  6. A long, long time ago I use to wear Birks! But for the last 15-20 years I nearly exclusively wear Kino Sandals (made in Key West). For me, it's the closest thing I've ever known to feeling like I'm not even wearing shoes... and I hate wearing shoes! With a purple passion!

    Stay dry, ladies!

  7. Hello sweet Poppy Q,
    I see you are having a fun time there with those sandals! I also like to play like this!
    Mommy Léia and I are enchanted by so beautiful pictures. The view of the city is awesome!
    purrs, love and hugs
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and mom

  8. way kewl pick sure poppy Q oh yur city...we hope de rain iz sum thing ya knead and if knot, hope ya dont get two much....a good day for both ewe N yur mum ta stay inside with a good book N sum fancy feast !!

  9. Nós garotas somos loucas por sandálias hehe. Lindas poses Poppy Q!