Saturday, July 26, 2014


Caturday is drawing to a close here, and a lovely sunny day too.  The mumster and I awoke to the alarm at 7am, and mum finally jumped out of bed at 7.50am as she realised she had to be somewhere just after 9am.  She ambitiously had decided to meet a bestie for a little brunch before heading off to the art show.  Her and her friends had a great wander round, then a little spin of window shopping before heading off to see a movie in the afternoon.

Me - well I fluffed up mums blanket as you can see, made cat shadows and took it easy!!  Hope you are taking it easy too.


  1. I was up and about 4 o'clock this morning poppy! Phew! Could'nt sleep! Much to hot...
    Had the windows and curtains wide open....Fan on full spin, so bad, it took off twice...HeHe! :0).
    Still...Must'nt grumble, better than all that water we had last winter...!

  2. My human is off to a cat show for Caturday!

  3. So lovely to see the sun! Love Poppy Q's shadows.

  4. Happy Caturday to you Poppy! Sounds like a fun day your Mum had, and I'm glad you had an easy, relaxing day!

  5. Sounds like Mum had a busy Saturday, while you had a very nice and easy one, Poppy! :)