Saturday, July 19, 2014


Caturday was super chillaxing today.  Me and mum stayed in bed til 9am and mum thinks she got an almost 10 hours sleep thanks to codral night and day flu tablets.  Normally she doesn't like to take pills, but sometimes a flu table will help her sleep when she is all congested.

So she wrapped up warm and spent the day on the couch with some lemsip, her book and some episodes of Broadchurch she had recorded from weeks ago.  She did venture out at dinner time, as the supply of cat biscuits was getting on the low side.  She got a chicken with some coleslaw for her dinner and dished me up a feast for mine.

So we are going to try for an early night tonight as well.  It is cold in the city, the sort of cold that creaps in from the floor and chills down the house, so the heater will be on to ward the chilliness away and keep us toasty.  We know that we only have a few more weeks of bleak grey weather and it will once again swing toward spring.  Someone we work with said that they were out last week and saw peach blossoms already starting!!

Hope you all had a fun day today and enjoyed your Caturday!!


  1. 10 hours of sleep is a miracle (says our human). We hoped it help your mum feel better, Poppy.

    Enjoy your day, we hope it's just as restful.

    BTW, peach blossoms? Wow. Nice, easy winter for you this year! :-)

  2. Glad Mums feeling better Poppy!x
    At least if she's eating something, that's a good sign..Horrid old flu!

    Well! we've got thunder and lightening over here Poppy!x And hail stones, it's dreadful weather.
    Though very humid and warm...Well, l must get on, got a couple of hanging baskets to finish..Make the garden look nice...ooooO! Listen! Thunder!
    Can you hear it! :>).

  3. Poppy, dear, please demonstrate for your poor, sick mum how much better she'll feel with at least a dozen more hours of deep sleep!

  4. Well, if you are edging towards spring, you know what that means here in the northern hemisphere - fall will be on its way to us soon! Glad your human is resting up.

  5. With the tablets, sleeping and your help we is sure your mum will be feeling better in no time.

    Have a restful weekend Poppy and mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. 10 hours sleep me thinks you must of needed it. Keep warm and rest up