Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunshiney Sunday

We were really lucky to have two days of sunshine this weekend.  And warm too, warm enough for mum to dry the sheets on the line and have some doors and windows open.  Mum went out for another walk, she needed some olive oil, swedes to make mash (turnips).  She popped into the warehouse and got a sweatshirt and tshirt cheap on special, as she wants to keep going out for walks and wanted some comfy walking clothes.  The one thing she was looking for she was unable to find, which was a brochure to this years Wellington International Film Festival, which is on in a couple of weeks.  She does know that she will be able to get a booklet soon, so that won't be a problem.

Mum was glad the weather was so nice so she walked around the harbour of our little city.  She stopped at the weekend market and got a German hotdog for her lunch which was tasty, and she got to sit and watch the people go by and look at the sailing boats, all very refreshing.  A quick visit to the library and then the supermarket, and she made it home in time to claim the sheets off the washing line before the frost made them damp again.  Me - well I did a lot of napping, both in the sun and in the bedroom.

Dinner was leftover steak and veg from last night, with quick calls to big uncle and his family and to Gdad.  Now a bit of blogging and time to read for a while before the working week starts again.


  1. HeHe! Can you please tell Mum..Poppy!x Not to go on about food..! :). Every time l read about her dinners etc...It makes me feel hungry! And, l've just this minute got home from the supermarket...!
    Tell Mum, l've got rabbit for dinner, Bertie..The next door Springer, brought three round first thing! Nice and fresh, and still warm....mmmmmM! Can't wait!

    Be good! Enjoy yer sunshine...looks nice!x

  2. Sunshine up here too!! Love being able to dry the washing in the sun. Poppy is just like Tex, always finds the bit of sun to sleep in.

  3. Poppy, dear, sunshiney is just the thing to keep your fur shiney (and mum's, too)!

    I love turnip greens, cooked with bits of turnip root! And the odd bit of ham, of course. Your mum's menus make me hungry.

  4. Your Mom always had fun adventures on her walks!

  5. How nice to have some pleasant weather and sun puddles in the winter!

  6. Glad you got some nice warm sunshine for the weekend Poppy.

  7. That is nice that you got some suns inside the house!

  8. We have started with sunshine but the clouds are coming back. So we are all having a nap in the house, waiting for the mom bean to make our dinner.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha. Sami, & Saku