Sunday, July 20, 2014


So this afternoon, the mumster dosed herself up on flu medicine, and wrapped up warm in lots of winter layers to leave the house.  One of her besties had organised some tickets to see Grease, and although she was worried that she would cough the house down a good supply of water and a sleeve full of tissues kept the noise at bay.

The ten year old girl inside her enjoyed the show, put on by the Wellington musical society.  It had a live band, and a large cast all of whom could hold a tune.  The show is fun and mum said it was nice to see so many young ones there, with lots of family in the audience.  When you think of it, Grease is a pretty grown up story that I am sure skips over the young kids heads, and they enjoy all the singing and dancing too.

Mum remembers going to the movie with her mum when she was ten, and listening to the album over and over which she got for Christmas that year.  She is sure that she knows most of the words to the songs too.  Now with DVDS, mum couldn't tell you how many times she has seen the movie although she hasn't watched it in the last six years or so she does smile when it is repeated on the tele every holiday season.

So home to turn the heaters on and feed me my feast.  An easy dinner was made for mum and then she spoke to Gdad to catch up on the weeks events.  Feet up and a bit of tele before mum heads to bed to get rid of her persistent germs.

Hope you all had a fun Sunday!!


  1. My mom is a fan of Grease too !!!
    Flu is not fun, I send lot of purrs to your mom.
    Get well soon

  2. We liked Grease too. It was a great movie. Nice to meet you. We saw your name on Puddy's side bar. We sure hope you feel better soon. No fun being sick. Take care.

  3. Poppy, dear, it's good that you and your mum both had a little break from the flattened-by-flu routine. Do hope you both find some nice sunbeams in which to nap -- there are extra vitamins in sun naps!

  4. Grease is pure fun and that exactly what one needs when under the weather.
    Be sure your mum gets lots of rest, keeps warm and drinks lots of water.
    We know you'll take very good care of her.