Friday, July 11, 2014


Mum happened to glance out the window this morning to spy this lovely sunrise.  That must mean that she was up far too early!!!  Of course red skies in the morning means it will rain on mum just as she leaves the supermarket after work carrying five bags - oh well.  Work was steady and mum was glad to get home and rest her weary legs.  Some days like today when mum has to stand up all day wearing heavy lead aprons in the operating theatre are hard on mums middle aged lady legs.

So tonight she is glad it is Friday evening, and she is able to relax at home. I demanded dinner as soon as she got home at 4:30pm, and was off to bed by 5pm.  Remeber I have to get in my 15 hour night time sleep (it is winter time and I would prefer to be up by 8am at the earliest!!!).  Mum is about to make herself a hand made burger and tackle the dishes before putting a load of washing on.  She has to work over the weekend, so even though it is TGIF here - it will be an early Friday night.  Hope you are all having a chill night too!!.


  1. Lovely photo of the sunrise Poppy!x
    It's nearly ten over here, l like getting home early on a Friday..Get my washing and ironing done before the weekend! Then, l can relax a little bit, though l do get visitors..For tea and a chat..!

  2. Poppy, dear, I do hope you're not snagging your mum's middle-aged lady support hose! Mine are usually black and covered with Mr. Peek abu Tom's long white guard hairs. Be a good girl, now, and don't dance on mum's tum while she's trying to get her 8.

  3. happee fryday two ewe poppy N mum tho itz all reddy caturday at yur houz....awesum pick sures two day, both ewe N de sky !!! hope ya get mor chillaxin time inn, lotz oh feast, a good book ore two N heerz two a longfinned smelt kinda week oh end ♥

  4. What a lovely photo. Maybe it is worth having to get up early. Mum had a long day driving to see clients. But says standing is much harder on our middle aged legs. Sleep tight, Poppy. Meow from Jessica

  5. We have to get up really early for sunrise these days.

    Hope your mum has an EZ weekend at work.