Friday, July 25, 2014


Tonight I'm on the couch stealing my mumsters spot, forcing her to sit in the middle.  Tough luck lady - I got here first.

Mum was glad it is Friday and nice to get home.  She spoke to a couple of besties on the phone which made her smile.  They were being lazy too, but maybe not as lazy as mum.

She was so lazy that she didn't get out of her uniform til 7pm, and then she got into her fat pants (track suit bottoms), a merino jumper and ugg boots.  A beautiful sight.

She was so lazy, that she ate her icecream dessert before she made dinner (blame that on the lady homones).  She did then make chicken and rice and vegetables.

She was so lazy that she didn't do half the chores she had planned, and has a lot on during the day tomorrow so they might have to wait til Sunday to get sorted.  (she felt guilty writing that one, so while she put the dishes in the sink to soak while she washed her face, and made the spare bed up while the adbreaks were on tv, so two chores are out of the way).

Still she gave me lots of cuddles and have a play with me when she got home as the evening was warm and she opened the doors and windows to let some fresh air in.

Hope you all are having a lovely lazy Friday night.


  1. Ah! That's lovely Poppy!x
    Reminded me of that song...'Where ever l lay my hat..That's my home'.
    Like the old joke...'Where does a Gorilla like to sleep...Any where he wants to'. HeHe!

    Phew! It's very hot over here, and set to continue...30 degrees in some places...Drinking lots of squash to keep cool...!
    And, we have to commonwealth games on up in Scotland...Don't know how they can run around in this weather..Though, swimming on at the mo! So, that's cooler! :>).

  2. I can be pretty lazy, too, Poppy, but I've never eaten my dessert before the main course. Maybe I should try it...

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum wasn't being lazy, she was ordering her priorities so that -- in case she feel asleep on her feet, still in uniform -- the ice cream wouldn't melt and be wasted.

  4. poppy Q...nothin wrong with bee in lazee....ewe ore mum...sum times ya just gotta chillax N bee lazee ore de werd lazee wooda never haz been invented...rite !! enjoy yur time with mum, eat lotz oh feast heerz two a raccoon butterflyfish kinda week oh end… ♥

  5. My human says she sees nothing wrong with eating dessert first!

  6. Your mum deserves to take a good rest after been so sick. Lazy is good. As we cats know!

  7. The bestest part about being being a single hipster like our moms is that once in a while it is so nice to just stay home and spend time with your girl cat. Slippin' on the Universally comfy "fat pants" set the mood for relaxin'. My human is worse cuz when she gets Friday night comfy she disposes of the brassier too so her girls can breath free. Sometimes she worried that the fire alarm might go off in her building & her and she will have to evacuate the building in her comfy clothes, but it hasn't happened yet (cross your paws). One of the benefits of being a grown-up is being able eat ice cream before dinner once in a while. Like tonight my human ate 2 peach popsicles before she ate her chick-hen & veggies without an bit of quilt. Ice cream is almost a health food with all that protein & calcium - right? It is nice to know that no matter where you are in the World, Mums/Moms & their girl cats are relaxin' together on a Friday night. And everybody knows a kitty girlfirend never purrs & tells. So enjoy the me time with your Mum Poppy.

  8. Cats are the laziest creatures, with the only aim of eating and sleeping all day long and doing nothing!!

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