Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hello Caturday Peeps

Hi Caturday Peeps, are you rocking your Caturday?  Having fun yet.  Us girls had a little lie in this morning, which is always nice.  The mumster is on call - but for a job that seldom requires her to trek into work, so she sleeps easy and is a nice excuse to have a quiet weekend.  The doyens of weather prediction have told us it will be a rainy late winter weekend, so mum took the opportunity to head into town this afternoon.

She only bought a couple of small things, some cards and nick nacks.  The most she spent was at the supermarket.  With her cold not progressing much, she thought she should buy some foods just in case she felt like staying at home tomorrow, and stocked up with enough to supply her for the next couple of days in case she is house bound.

That was enough to exhaust her, so she had a little nap when she got home.  Then it was an easy dinner of a supermarket salad.  Time to watch George Clarkes Amazing Spaces and watch the news.
Then mum wants to head the bed and finish reading her book, which is getting to the exciting bit.

Me - I have been guarding the house and rolling around on the bed.  Life is good.

Enjoy your Caturday my friends.


  1. Hello Poppy!x
    I'm having lots of fun...HeHe! The doggie from next door, Bertie,
    has just brought round a bunny rabbit he caught up on the farm.
    I've just skinned it, cleaned it, and it's in the oven, roasting away!
    Be ready in half hour with a few roastie potatoes...! mmmmmM!
    If there's any left....I'll send it over....! HeHe! Bless!x
    And! Yes! Life is good!

  2. Good job keeping things secure! We hope your mum won't be called in to work and soon feels better :)

  3. Sounds like a nice, easy Caturday, Poppy!

  4. Happy Caturday Poppy! Sounds like you and mum bean had a good day. It's a relaxing one around here too.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. A relaxing Saturday is good. I hope your mum soon feels better.