Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Talkative Tuesday

I have been very talkative today.  I woke mum up at 5:50am to tell her something very important, and did a bit more yelling at her when she got home.  She thinks she has pinned it down to three things:

  1. It is very windy outside - it may be even a bit stormy.
  2. You need to go back to my normal flavour of biscuits.  I do not like these ones even though I will continue to eat them.
  3. Please leave the bed and let me sleep on the flannel sheets.
I will let her figure it out.

Tonight Pretty Woman is on tv.  Mum wonders how it can be 25 years old?  It does look pretty dated now though, and the music a bit cheesy.  She wonders how many times she has seen it over the years.  She is conflicted though - such a pretty unrealistic picture of prostitution - but on the other hand young Julia Roberts and dishy Richard Gere - what is not to love! Actually the decor in the hotel is pretty old fashioned and ugly looking now.  

Have a good night everyone.


  1. That's right Poppy!x
    If you have anything to say....You say it...! :).
    Make a good old fuss..Mum will know what your
    on about...!
    Never seen Pretty woman...But then..Don't like
    Roberts or Gere....Very old hat...! HeHe!

  2. Our vote is for #2 and #3. :-)

    Is Pretty Woman that old? Our human hasn't seen it in a long time, but does remember the movie. Yeah ,a young Richard Gere. Okay, Richard Gere at any age....He was just in the The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Judi Dench et al, but our biped hasn't seen it yet. (Saw the first movie, though.) Did you see him in Shall We Dance? Our human does like that movie, but she loves to watch ballroom dancing anyway (think those old Fred Astaire movies -- she grew up watching them on CBC TV on the weekends). And when he (Richard Gere) comes up that escalator in the tux....::Sigh::

  3. Loved the movie, too! Happy endings are always nice :)

  4. I think your human should try all three options, Poppy!

  5. poppy Q....grate werk at keepin yur mum guessin coz her still has yet ta menshunz 7, A, 5 ore Z which we catz noe is de reel izzue ~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Keep your mum guessing. My mum says you can tell the age of moovies by the hair do's.

  7. Silly humans. They just don't understand the simplest of instructions. I was pawing at mum while she was eating her dinner and she actually thought I wanted some of her salad! No! I wanted a different tin of wet food from the she served me for dinner. Have a good night a poppy, from Jessica