Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday has rocked around again.  I am thankful that the photographer has left me alone for a day or two - being photographic has its price.  Mum tries to get as many shots during her days off as she can as the light is better during the day, and the good news is as spring approaches we are getting warmer longer days.

Mum made some Thai Chicken green curry with rice and peas for dinner, with some grapes for supper.  I was happy with some of my new dine dinner, it kept my tummy full for four or so hours, but at 10pm I have just popped out of the bedroom to demand my supper.

Mum found at work today about one of her colleagues she worked with ten years ago had died at home, of a heart attack aged 47.  He leaves a wife and two daughters behind.  It is no kind of age is it?

So we are thankful for good health and we think of our friends and family we have lost far too young.


  1. Poppy, dear, we do well to be thankful for our good health -- and excellent appetites! -- while remembering those who have been lost to us. A nurse once remarked to me that the scriptures of many religions remind us that "to every thing there is a season"...our problem is, we haven't got a calendar.

  2. Good health is great Poppy!x
    But! When the calling we must go...!
    King..Queen..Jack..Knave....No matter what....! :(.

    Anyway! Mum makes nice dinner...I finished off
    the goose yesterday, bit left over from Sunday.
    Love picking meat off the bones, even birds........
    HeHe! Joke there somewhere....! :>).

    Oh! And..Nice to see 'ALL' your face to~day!

  3. I'm so sorry about your mum's coworker, Poppy. What a terrible shock and tragedy for the family, and for friends and colleagues. Purrs and peace to all.

  4. Dead at 47 from a heart attack? That's terrible. He should have had another thirty years of life, watching his children mature, and give him grandchildren.

    It's funny that you mention spring, Poppy. I just wrote something on my blog about the mornings being darker than they have been. The year moves for all of us, just in different directions.

  5. I'm so sorry about your human's former co-worker. :-(

  6. poppy Q...we iz thanx full for de health we haz az well, we R sorree bout mumz colleague ~ ♥♥♥

  7. I am sorry about your mum's former colleague. 47 is no age!

  8. Your former colleague,s passing was certainly a tragedy. But a tragedy too for the family he leaves behind suffering his loss and wondering what they missed or could have done differently. I recently lost my 92 year old Mum. I simply cannot imagine what this mans famy is going through. He and his family will be in our prayers.

  9. That is straight loss for this poor man to die so young. His poor children growing up without him being their for them. Thank you for reminding us to be thankful for our health and each precious day we have on this earth. From Jessica

  10. Awful auto-correct! Should read "tragic" loss and "there", not "their". Mum is soooooo fed up with auto-correct. From Jessica