Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Mum sure is thankful it was Thursday today.  She has got herself 3 days off work in a row - yippee!!  Work was one of those days - busy and often in mums field it gets busier towards the end of the day, so no chance to wind down and take it easy, instead it picks up and you run around more.  So tonight she needed to nap before she could wind down.  Such an old lady.  Still first world problems.

Do you read Humans of New York blog?  Brandon is a photographer that normally takes snap of folks in New York and writes a few little sentences about them giving an interesting insight into their lives.  Lately he has been travelling and the pictures and words about the workers in the brick kilns in Pakistan are humbling.  Families who are born into continual debt, and work and work, and are neglected and even tortured by their employers.  Shocking.

So we are going to bed thinking of just how lucky we are - truly thankful.


  1. I tend to stay away from sad stories Poppy!x
    I only buy a newspaper on Caturday...Because
    l want the TV magazine in it...Never bother the
    rest of the week...!
    I can never understand why people can't get on
    and live together in harmony..!
    What a terrible place this world is becoming...
    BUT! BUT! I have the answer...Everyone should
    have a pussy~cat...Then...Everyone will happy! :).

    Enjoy your three days with Mum Poppy!x
    Keep your eye on her now! HeHe! Bless!x

  2. We are indeed lucky to have freedom and food and shelter - and cats.

  3. That's horrible about those poor humans in Pakistan. :-(

  4. poppy Q.....if de food serviss gurl...ore even uz....startz fuzzin bout R lot in life, her reedz de mews aza ree minder...that we due knot haz it az most..... enjoy yur mini holly day with mum !!! ♥♥♥

  5. It is terrible the way some people treat others.
    Enjoy your 3 days with your mum Poppy.