Sunday, August 23, 2015

Missing - Our Buddie Chuck Bass


Our good friend Chuck Bass has gone missing in Adelaide, Australia.  Our lovely friend Kimberlee from Brown Button Trading opened her door on Friday and he snuck out and ran.  She is understandably distraught and we hope she finds her buddy soon.  She has even promised that he doesn't have to wear bow ties anymore.

Our Sunday has been quiet.  Our days lately  have been sunny and warm in the morning, but mid afternoon the clouds gather and the temperature dropped.  Mum did manage to get the sheets and towels out on the line which made her happy.  A walk into town to go to the fruit/veg market to stock up for the week.  She is going to make a good winter meal of carrot/parsnip/turnip mash for dinner with some sausages.  Me- I'm having a feast.

So think good thoughts for our buddies Chuck and Kimberlee.  We hope he is home soon.


  1. I am purring lots for Chuck to come home!

  2. Oh! My goodness....Yes! Let's hope Chuck!x gets
    back home soon! He looks such a lovely chap...!

    Nearly eight over here Poppy!x and a bit damp....
    More rain forecast...!

  3. Poppy, dear, this slipping out the door for adventures is something toms like to do. Both my lads have gone AWOL for weeks at a time. Peek is a white long-hair and he returned looking like a cat wearing a gillie suit. Had to pay $$ for the vet to bathe and shave him into respectability. Poor Kimberlee! Do hope her wandering boy comes home tomorrow for breakfast.

  4. We is sending our purrs that chuck comes home furry soon. We is sure his bean is furry worried!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Bella is a shocker for doing that. She will be out the door in a flash! I hope they have found him and he is home safe and sound xxxx

  6. We hope Chuck will come home and be safe. Derby was always wanted to get outside like that. Thankfully mum could always get him back when he would slip by her. Heck he did a runner three days before he went to The Bridge.

  7. Please come home, Chuck Bass. We know your mum is very distressed and will not rest until she has you in her arms. From Jessica