Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Late Tuesday

Mum was home late again tonight.  Dinner for her and for me was after 11pm, but that was mums last late evening shift for a couple of weeks.  Yippee.  Much as the sleep ins are nice, mum is getting old and likes to get her work done during the day and have the evening to relax with me.

So we are off to snuggle on the bed and get ready for a day shift tomorrow.


  1. That WAS a late dinner, Poppy, but we're glad your mum has day shifts for the next couple of weeks. It's very hard on the body to keep switching back and forth like that.

  2. We're sure you have some crunchies to nom on but nothing beats Fancy Feast. Especially when you have your mum's company. You have the most wonderful little face. Our Mum always wants to give you a kiss.

  3. You look lovely Poppy!x
    Listen..Tell Mum, to keep smiling....and remember this little saying..
    "We don't stop laughing because we grow old....We grow old because
    we stop laughing",

    Enjoy yer snuggles!x

  4. I like to get things done and out of the way, too, Poppy. That leaves - well, a little, of the day left for me and the cats. Mostly the cats.

  5. That will be nice for you both to have your evenings together again Poppy.

  6. Yes, evenings are to be spent with the kitties. Now that I must have my medications 3 times a day, we expect mum to try to be home on time. Good news about chuck being found safe and sound. From Jessica

  7. Have a good sleep Poppy and mum. We're lucky that mom bean works early (7 a.m.) and is home by supper time (5 p.m.) so we never has to wait for our meals. Well, except when she goes shopping.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku