Friday, August 7, 2015

Middle Aged Mumsters Out til 10

My middle aged mumster and her bestie went out tonight - woop woop!  They met up to go to a film festival movie, about Yves Saint Laurent.  The best bit about it was it was cold outside and it was warm in the cinema.  The movie was terrible, very long, poorly written, with no real emotion and was a real waste of 2 and a half hours.  Mum was glad to get home - get the heater on and feed me.  The best bit about late dinner is a good long sleep on a full tummy directly after.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned.


  1. I must confess..I have'nt been to see a film at the
    movies in ages...Much happier to stay at home and
    watch them on DVD...There on Sky TV with in a month
    or so after release...Nice bottle of wine...Good film!! :).

    Quiet weekend, this weekend, after last week...goodness!
    And the footy starts this Sat/Sun...So feet up....! Away we
    go...! :>).

  2. poppy Q....purr chance did ewe go see de mewvie look on yur face iz price lezz !!!!

    heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  3. Have a Kelly weekend poppy and mumster. Keep warm. I her spring is coming soon. I hope lol

  4. Well, it sounds like the best part of the night was Mum coming home to you, sweet Poppy. :)

  5. Pffft, Friday night, mum is home, jammies on and it is only 8:30 PM! She leads such a wild life! NOT.

  6. That is too Bad about the movie. And you had to wait until 10 for your dinner? Have a cozy night and a good weekend.