Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Peeves

Mum says encountered two of her pet peeves today.
1.  Tights that get a hole in the toe that works it way like a tourniquet around said big toe, so tight you are sure it is going to fall off.  Also it was cold and mum couldn't be bothered pulling off all of her clothes to get the tights off.  Luckily when she got home, the toe was still pink and did not require amputation.  It has repaired sufficiently after a few hours in sheepskin slippers.
2.  Taking a nap with me when she got home, and then waking up and realising it was more than a nap.  The middle aged mumster checked her watch and thought it was 11.30pm when she woke up, when actually it was only 5.30pm.  Awww mum - maybe you need to get your eyes checked.
Mum was sad to hear about the death of Cilla Black today.  When the mumster was in her twenties, she lived in London, where she had lots of fun and adventures.  One of her besties friends had appeared on Blind Date the show that Cilla hosted, and the three girls were lucky enough to get tickets to seeing the show being filmed.    Anyway this was way back in the mid nineties, back when normal looking people could appear on dating shows, and there were still jobs available for 50 year old women.  The besties friend was unlucky I love, but mum admires her bravery for putting herself out there and  appearing on the show.  Mum remembers that Cilla had a great charisma and sparkle,  and kept the show entertaining and fun.


  1. My human hates the tights thing too, and it happens to her fairly frequently because she has sharp toenails which she does not keep short enough! Doing that dating game must have been fun for your human's friend, even if it didn't pan out for her.

  2. I'd not heard of Cilla Black, so I had to research her. She seems to have been immensely popular in Britain and obviously well-known in New Zealand. I guess she never translated to Canada. She seems to have been a very nice person, and though very nice people in show business seem to be looked down upon, we could use more of them.

  3. poppy food serviss gurl can ree late two de tights....been ther for sure & de wakin up thinkin itz another time then what it troo lee iz.... seemz ta bee de norm round heer any mor ~~~ ♥♥♥

  4. Cilla was a marvellous singer. She put such heart and soul into her music. And she was normal! A normal person. No craziness involved. We'll miss her.

  5. I'm so happy your mums toe will not be amputated. It's always so sad when someone from your childhood passes. Celia was slightly before my time. But I do know some of her songs. Keep warm poppy xx