Thursday, October 29, 2015


Oh we are sick about complaining about the weather.  We have had three days in a row of cold and rainy spring weather.  The metservice says it is 7.5C outside, but feels like 3C (that is chilly for us).  So I an snuggling up next to mums pillow to keep warm.  Mum was glad of the chill on the way home as a warm flush made her temperature rise and she was keen to shed some clothes when she got home.  Now she  has a winter sweater, pyjama pants and slippers on - welcome to middle age.

So after nomming on some grass I had my feast for dinner.  I usually only eat 2/3 and save the last part for some supper.  Mum felt noble for making herself a chicken salad for dinner, and had some watermelon afterwards.  You go mum!

So for us ladies it will be an early night - time to keep warm and snuggle up.  Mum has got her reading bug back, and is enjoying her books which is good as she has a huge pile from the library.  But gosh we hope we get some warmer weather for the weekend.  Us girls are trying to get some early nights in, cos there will be a couple of late nights when the rugby final is on at the weekend.


  1. Ah! Bless! Well...I can see out of my window here Poppy!x
    That it's raining, the silly weather man says it will stop by 10.
    Just gone that now...Still raining! :).

    I see, over here that the Australian Rugby team, are getting
    up a petition start the game earlier, so that, the game
    is televised at a suitable time to watch down there.
    Don't see that it matters...There gonna loose anyway!!! HeHe!

  2. You're heading away from winter, we're heading toward it, and our temperatures are about the same right now.

  3. poppy Q...itz brisk heer iz well, 40 thiz morning...a few mor like thiz & ole jack frost will bee makin an a peer ants......N joy yur nite with mom !! ♥♥♥

  4. We are having cold weather and lots of wind. We hope a sunny spring comes your way soon! It sounds like your mum had a lovely holiday and birthday. And back with you. Keep warm, from Jessica