Monday, October 12, 2015


We had and another glorious day of sunshine here, just perfect for mums day off.  She got up kinda early and got herself ready.  We had a little time out in the garden, then mum took off.  She headed out to a local mall and spent a hour looking around.  The only thing she bought was a set of pillowcases for $10 which she had been looking for.

Then she headed out to meet some friends for lunch which was nice as they chatted for a while and had a tasty bite to eat.  Then back into town and mum met her lovely niece for a wee chat and a nibble in the sunshine.  Mum then came home and talked to me, before taking a wee nap.

So for us a relaxing day and evening, just nice to catch up on some rest.  Hope you all have a lovely Monday too.


  1. Poppy, dear, there's no better way to enjoy a sunny day than to have a potter in the garden, a meal with friends and a snack with a much-loved young relative, and a nana nap with pretty new pillowcases and a purring feline roommate.

  2. We've got a lovely sunny day to Poppy!x
    Just been down the town, there's a big vintage/craft
    fair in the Corn Exchange...Some of the Blogging
    ladies are there, so we had a good old get together...!

    HeHe! I've just noticed on the calendar...This Wens.
    Your name is on there...Wonder what that is for.......! :).
    ssssssssssssh! Bless!x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day for Mum. Hope your day was an easy one too, sweet Poppy.

  4. poppy q....sounds like mum hada soooper fun filled day, we hope her getz ta N joy sum mor like it & herz knot werkin 87 dayz ina row again ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. Sounds like a furry good day for both of you Poppy. Have a great rest of the week!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Glad your mum had a nice relaxing day off, Poppy.

  7. Sounds like a fine day for everyone. Glad your Mum has some sun.

  8. It sounds like a relaxing, enjoyable day for all there. Our day was blustery but not cold. November is supposed to be the windy month, isn't it? Not October.

  9. Oh, and I like that second picture, Poppy; very nice, with the sunlight blazing down.