Saturday, October 17, 2015


Howdy friends, Caturday is coming to a close here in the city.  Mum and I managed a nice old sleep in which was nice.  As spring has arrived, I am sleeping in the spare bedroom more.  When mum came past at 8am I was snoozing, so she gave me a little pat and went and had her shower.

She then got ready and went off into town to meet a bestie.  The girls had a nice brunch and a chit chat and then did a little wander round the city, checking out the shops.  It was a nice afternoon, but mum was glad to get home and put her footsies up.  A little nap was in order too.

So as the evening comes to a close mum is ready to get up early tomorrow morning.  There is important rugby on, and most of NZ will be watching the tele on Sunday morning.  South Africa play Wales, then it is the All Blacks vs France.  OMG we are all waiting for the match with bated breath.

So hope you have all had a nice Caturday too!!  Hope you did something fun.


  1. That's a nice little view you have there Poppy!x
    And, l can see the suns out...Nice over here to.
    We've had sunshine for over a week now! I've
    even had to water some of the flowers!

    And! Yep! Rugger! On all day, to~day. Yip~peee!
    Don't think you've much to worry about, l'll put my
    money on New Zealand winning the tournament!
    Playing very well...!

  2. Hurrah for the All Bllacks! Decimated France they did!