Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Clean Up

It is Friday in the windy city and us girls are ready for the weekend.  The mumster was on call again last night, and had to get out of bed twice to head off to the hospital.  She finally got home before 3am, asleep at 6am and the builders next door started at 8am.  So it will be an early night tonight for us.

We forgot to say Happy October!!  We love the ber months - the best part of the year!

We watched the news tonight - terrible news about more students being killed at school at college in the US.  We don't know the answers, but mum knows that after 20 + years of working in a hospital here in NZ, she has only ever seen 4 gunshot victims.  2 were criminals shot by police, and another two were hunters accidentally shot.  So something we don't see a lot of, which is fine by us.

Daylight savings started here last week, and we are loving it and the extra hour of light in the evening, but just putting your body clock out by an hour sure does make you tired.

Oh and the neighbor doesn't mind my contribution to the peach tree fertilizer, as I make everything grow big and green.  The warmer weather has made me more happy to be outside, mum too - we love spring!!

Have a nice weekend everybuddy - we hope you have some fun things planned!


  1. Autumn over here Poppy!x So sad really..All the leaves are
    turning brown on my Virginia Creeper..Soon be falling off.
    And, all the hairy spiders have webs, all over, catching their
    last meals before winter! HeHe! l feed them to....! :).

    I love the Ber months to...Especially September...But, that's
    gone..We've had a week of lovely weather, sunshine every day.
    And, the weekend's gonna be good to....! So the silly weatherman
    says! What does he know! I still rely on my seaweed...! :).

  2. Miss Poppy, Yep October has fantastic weather ! Me got a nice warm Spring here too !
    But I have to go to enjoy @ the neighbour house because my house like a bomb zone !

    Me send lots of purrs to student's family in U.S.A.

  3. The 'ber' months here are 'brrrr' months here.

    The U.S. isn't unique to having violence but it seems to have an unfortunate corner on consistent and repeated pointless violence. It's very sad.

  4. My human thinks our country is full of crazy people! Seriously, it's sad this sort of thing happens so regularly.

  5. Have a nice weekend!!!! Kisses!

  6. These school and college shootings are especially upsetting for us. Perhaps it is because it is one of their own that does the killing not some stranger, outsider to the academic enviornment.
    The killer could be a study partner, a lab partner, your room mate. Horribly sad.

  7. Oh Poppy we wish we didn't have all of the shooting victims. So many young and innocent lives wasted for no good reason. Mum hears on the news all about our locals trying to solve things with guns. Solves nothing.

  8. Poppy, dear, I love the brrrrr months, too. At least I like apples and pumpkin pie with hot coffee, and fireplaces with poofy chairs and a good mystery to read. Your mum is fortunate to live and work in NZ, where gunshot victims are rare. Here in central Indiana, we manage 4 fatalities per weekend -- 80% of whom have adult criminal records. It's a specific urban population phenomena, Poppy, dear, that has defied all attempts at correction.