Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slow Sunday

Mum was tempted by her 8am alarm clock to get up early and head off and do some stuff.
But then she decided to just stay in bed and read her book for another hour.  Then it was time to jump up, have a shower and some breakfast and chat to me.  More washing was done too and then as the sun was shining she headed out.

She walked down to the markets and got some carrots, potatoes,broccoli,  parsley and chicken for her dinners.  She then did a bit of window shopping and decided to try a couple of things on that were on sale. She almost had to buy a top and wear it home cos she got stuck in it.  There are lots of tops out this year that are not so stretchy and with on buttons or zips, mum could not figure out how to get out of it, she almost had to get the sales assistant to peel her out of it.  Finally she got it over her head and could peel it off gently.  Phew!

Home and mum made me a feast for tea.  She stir fried some onions, pepper and chicken with satay chicken for her tea.  Carrots and broccoli on the side, some satay sauce and roti bread and she had a little picnic that she enjoyed and best of all there is enough for dinner tomorrow night.

We watched the rugby highlights on the news - never underestimate the Australian Rugby team, they are a formidable foe and our team doesn't always win against them.  It is turning into an interesting competition.

Hope you all feel refreshed after your Sunday and ready for the week ahead.


  1. HeHe! I love it when Mum goes 'off' on one of her foodies Poppy!x
    It's 10:20 over here...feeling hungry already! And l've just had a coffee,
    toast and honey! :). Well...I've got pheasant to~day, got to reduce the
    deep freeze stock...and pheasant shooting started on 1st Oct. So, in
    a couple weeks, they'll be coming through, thick and fast, roll up the
    sleeves, and off we go......!

    Yeah! Pleased about Australia winning...Brilliant! ssssssh! But, l always
    like England being beat! Though this afternoon. And, 'WE'
    are'nt a lot better...Italians always seem to run the wrong way...! HeHe!
    Pleased about Wales though...!

  2. Poppy, dear, I emphathize with your mum about the awful claustraphobia of being stuck in a garment. Once upon a time I had to cut myself out of a fuzzy wool skirt when the fuzz got caught in the zip. Fortunately, I already owned the skirt -- and it did give my cats, sitting on the bed watching, something to talk about...

  3. I've been at a cat show all weekend - my human and I may need a vacation from our weekend!

  4. That must have been a bit of a panic when your mum couldn't get the top off Poppy. The stir fry sounds tasty.

  5. We are taking it easy too. Not fun to be stuck in clothes!

  6. Your mum had the quite the clothes shopping adventures! Glad to hear she got out of the garment unscathed and home to you. I had a restful day and mum participated in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. The big creatures really need our help. Have a happy week Poppy, from Jessica