Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello Furriends

Hello Furriends, we are back after our weekend off.  We are so glad to have had a break away.  Mum went off with a bestie for a wee trip and visited with her family.  She got to share meals and have lots of chats which was nice.  There was lots of sunshine and warm breezes.  The trees and gardens were blooming, and mum saw lots of sheep and cows on the farms on the way to and from her home town, spring has well and truly sprung.  There was lots of resting, although mum did sneak up early to see both semi final rugby matches of the rugby world cup.  Yippee for our team - the All Blacks, they are in the final next week playing against Australia.

Me - well mum let me stay home, as she left on Saturday and was back on Monday afternoon.  Our niece Miss Belle came over to visit with me on Sunday and make sure I had some feast and plenty of biscuits and water.  I have been very chatty with mum tonight, but won't look her in the eye yet.  But I am glad that she is home.

Oh and mum had a birthday on Sunday and she got to share a birthday dinner with the whole family.  She had a nice lunch, then a walk and a drive round the city.  Then a pizza birthday dinner with an Elmo cake.  What a lucky lady!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and your week has started well.


  1. Happy birthday to your human, Poppy! It sounds like she had a really nice day.

  2. Poppy!x Poppy!x Poppy!x
    Glad you both had a lovely weekend...
    And...A Happy! Happy! Burfday to Mum...
    Sounds like she had lots and lots of fun!

    Don't worry about the Australian ruby Poppy!x
    They should'nt be there anyway. Everyone who
    watched the game against Wales, could see that
    was 'no' penalty..Even the ref has since said so.
    No wonder he did a runner at the end!
    So! Yes! New Zealand to retain the cup!!!

  3. Belated happy birthday to your mum, Poppy! It sounds like she had a terrific weekend!

    We're glad Miss Belle was around to prevent your starvation. :-)

    Take care and have a good week.

  4. Happy Belated birthday to your Mum. Sorry you had to stay home alone though.

  5. It sounds like an excellent weekend for your mum, and a good time to have her birthday. I can understand that you had a lot to tell your mum when she got home, though.

  6. Happy belated birthday - sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating.

  7. poppy Q...bee lated best fishes two mum, sounds like her hada awesum day...N yea, cake...her coulda shared...N pizza....for sure her shoulda shared ~~~~ hope her haza yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ♥♥♥

  8. Glad your mum had a break and a nice visit with her family. When mum takes off she just puts lots of crunchies out for me.

  9. Happy Birthday to mum! We is glad she had a good birthday with family and a bit of rest from the regular routine. We're sure she missed you even being away such a short time.

    Lovely photo Poppy! You is so beautiful.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

    Pee Ess: Your mom bean shares her birthday with our bean brofur!

  10. Happy belated Birthday wishes to your mom. It sounds like she had a wonderful few days packed with fun things to do. We will be crossing our tootsies that NZ wins the championship. How nice that Spring weather has arrived so you can find lots of sun puddles to nap in & lots of flowers in the garden to sniff Poppy. We hope you decide to look your mom in the eye soon. You can't really get ticked at her for going to visit family for her birthday & she did have the capable Miss Belle check in to make sure you were fed and had some company.