Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fun Caturday

 We spent our Caturday thinking about these guys.   Only 6 hours now to the Rugby world cup final.  We loved our comments yesterday.  Our friend Beth commented that she saw a man with a kiwi tshirt in the line at the airport, and she was able to ask him about the big game.  It would have made him smile and made his day.   The clouds parted around lunch time so that mum could go for a walk and get some fresh air in the sunshine, as she was feeling a bit cabin crazy.  She also got some washing on the line, and some little chores done that made her happy.
 Tonight she mixed together some of this stuff - Reduced cream + Maggi Onion Soup mix + lemon juice and put it in the fridge.  It makes dip for chips, that generations of kiwis love.  Mum hasn't had it for years but thought this was a special occasion.  Chips and dip for breakfast - oh yeah!!
I helped the mumster make the bed.  I is good at ironing out the sheets by doing roly polys on them.
It was a bit loud tonight, as Robbie Williams was playing at the outdoor venue just 5 minutes from our house.  Mum stood and boogied in the dark garden for 10 minutes or so while he sung Angels, and a version of Royals (a song by the kiwi singer Lorde).  As it was Halloween, mum also watched Hocus Pocus which she hasn't seen in years!!

Hope you all had a fun Caturday!!  Did you treat yourself - did you have a boogie in the garden to a popstar?  What did you do that was fun today?


  1. oooooO! Poppy!x Can't wait....really looking forward to it.
    And, yes, the silly weather man says it's gonna be a nice,
    bright, sunny day!

    HaHa! Yes! I boogie down in the garden too...with or without
    And, l'm ready for Halloween...Got buckets of water by the front
    door...for the kiddies! HeHe! Are'nt l Wicked!!!
    But! No! I've got sweeties and apples for them! :).

  2. So nice to see you have an assistant at bed-making time. =^..^= Deb

  3. How fun you got to dance to Robbie.

  4. Concats! We just heard the guys from N.Z won the rugby match. You must be furry happy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. I LOVE Wellington!
    Woohoo!!!!!!!!! Don't we love it when we beat the Aussies??

  6. BOO!
    Happy Halloween !
    Hope ya get lots of treats 😉
    The best treat is NZ won!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. What a great weekend! Robbie Willuams in your own back yard, and a win for N.Z. Here's a toast,with champagne and kiwi fruit , to the marvellous All Blacks!