Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Caturday

Hope you all had or are having a great Caturday.  I enjoyed mine - my mumster spent the whole day at home with me, a rare thing indeed.  She did have some plans to meet a bestie for lunch, but that got cancelled, and she had mixed up the days for an evening soiree - thinking it was tonight when it is next week.

Still, the day was nice and sunny and she appreciated the time to relax and read her book in the sun.  Sometimes she feels she races round all weekend and does not have much time to sit back and relax.  Washing was done, and some tidying was done, although there is always more to do.

The best bit, was that no money was spend although mum is eyeing up things on the internet.  Internet shopping sure is a blessing - no need to wander the town to look for that perfect thing, it can all be done from the couch in sweatpants. Mum did buy herself a couple of tshirts this week and some work shoes, so she will have to see if they fit when they arrive.

So us girls are off for a snooze, so hope everybuddy has had some fun today!!


  1. Well..I love to shop, love going to the shops, seeing what l want,
    if l'm happy with it, l buy it! Job done. Besides which, l enjoy meeting
    people and having a laugh...! :). Though if l want summat on the internet,
    a book, DVD...Phone my daughter, and she gets it for me!

    Weather still nice over here Poppy!x Still putting out a bit of washing.....
    Though..rain forecast on Tuesday...Chilly in the morn'in, but dry!
    Quiet hopes..Loads of footy that's me sorted! :>).

  2. How nice that you got your human to yourself for a day, Poppy!

  3. Glad ya got to spend some time wif your mum!

  4. Glad you had a nice caturday. Did your mum buy you anything, Poppy?

  5. Sounds like a nice day for all. Aren't we kitties lucky we are always perfectly attired for any occasion.

  6. Glad you and your mum had a nice day and were able to enjoy the sun together.