Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stay at Home Sunday

Today it was a stay at home Sunday, for mum it was no hair done, no make up, casual clothes, no shopping and no money spent.   She has had a busy week and not been home much, so thought we should spend the day together.  Sometimes she feels she spends all weekend rushing around, and not relaxing at all.

The day began early as there was rugby on.  She got up at 7am to watch the All Blacks vs France, which was a great game.  We were so glad our team won and get to play in the semi final vs South Africa next weekend.  More games are on tomorrow morning -  Ireland vs Argentina and Australia vs Scotland.

Us girls got lots of relaxing done.  It was a bit windy to be outside, but the towels dried quickly on the line.  I snoozed on my bed - this week I have camped on the spare bed.  And to make it even more cozy mum has given me a bath mat to sleep on - my favorite.  Hope you all had somewhere snuggly to nap on today.


  1. I must say Poppy!x I like Sundays to be stay at home..! :).
    Things to do..Been to the supermarket! I've just washed the
    kitchen floor, waiting for it to dry now! And, prepared a duck for
    lunch to~day...Look forward to that.

    And, yes, what a great game yesterday....Still think New Zealand
    will win it! Though l felt sorry for the Welsh! They played well too!
    Think l'll have a cuppa tea now and dough~nut...HeHe! mmmmmM! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, I've made it a house rule to spend one of my weekend days at home. It's laundry day, dusting and vac day, paperwork day -- but it's also nap on the sofa in the sun with the cats day! Like you, the eldest cat has opted to snooze on "her" bed in the guest room: she vants to be alone.

  3. Hi Poppy and Mum! Stay at home Sundays are the very best kind of Sundays, if you ask us. Glad you had such a wonderful time together, sweet pals!

  4. It seems like you and your mum have had a lovely day together. The humans run around a lot doing whatever it is that they do... We think they should be home more to serve us, of course!

  5. Stay at home days are always nice and relaxing.

  6. Sundays are for relaxing and hanging out with our humans. Have a lovely week. From Jessica p.s. We are having troubles with Google which is making it hard for me to leave you a comment. Oh technology!

  7. Relaxing is a great idea Poppy! We kitties did a lot of it while the mom bean watched the guys with the ball and helmets run around on the noisy box. She has never watched rugby though.

    Have a great week Poppy and mum!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku